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PADI is now offering their Open Water class online. It’s a convenient, self-paced method to learn how to scuba dive.

Here’s how it works. After you sign up for the class with PADI, you will start learning the important information to make diving safe and fun. We will stay in contact with you to answer questions while you complete the academic portion of the course online. You will need to purchase a start-up kit to finish the class. We can ship that to you. We will next help you select your personal diving equipment prior to the start of the diving sessions in the pool. Then we have convenient scheduling for your Open Water dives which will complete the certification process. After certification, we have a variety of trips and events where you can utilize your newly acquired diving skills. LET’S GET STARTED! CLICK BELOW!

Start your Advanced Open Water class in the comfort of your home
and then show up to at the dive site ready to go.

You will have to read a few chapters
and then complete the Knowledge Reviews.
Simply print them out and your instructor will go
over them with you before the dives.

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